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Recruit qualified students across China

eduFair is an online platform connecting 
Chinese students and international schools.

Create an official school profile and attract qualified students - free, forever.

eduFair is not an agent. There are no commissions,
and students apply directly to your institution.

An Online Platform for 
International Education

China's most comprehensive hub for information about studying abroad.


eduFair brings together free, first-hand resources from schools, students, alumni, and more.

We hope to give students a more empowered approach to studying abroad while giving institutions new tools to reach qualified students.

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​Free. Forever.
We are not an agent

It really is free. No commissions, no contracts. We believe first-hand information can help boost student fit, academic integrity, and educational outcomes. 

Read more about our mission.

Reach Out Directly
No Chinese Necessary

You are in complete control and students can apply directly to your institution. Your content is fully accessible within China and optimized for China's largest search engines.

Read more about internet restrictions.

Digital Recruitment

Access tools and data to guide your Chinese recruitment. Find the right students, host seminars, push targeted messages, and connect with partners.


Read more about our features.

What makes eduFair different?

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Why eduFair?
More than 77% of universities' websites have admissions content that is blocked in China. Further, sites like YouTube and Facebook are inaccessible.
eduFair is bridging this gap so that students can find the right school and thrive during their experience abroad.

Build Your Profile. Connect Directly.

Sign up to create an institution profile - your hub of information about your campus and programs. 100% accessible in China and optimized for Chinese search engines and social media.

Unique features like seminars, Q&As, and testimonials give students an in-depth look at your strengths. Technology and student data help match applicants in line with your goals.

Optimized for Chinese social media & search engines

Application links

& contact details

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Student & alumni forums

Data & insights about your school

Users can share or follow

Photos, videos, & seminars

Brochures & downloads

Admissions requirements

Plus programs, instant messaging, forums, & more

More than 1,200 organizations use eduFair

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(Click to visit the institutions' profiles)

Reach qualified applicants. Easier.

Recruitment tools & data.

All in one place.


You are in complete control of your e-Booth (no Chinese necessary). From your e-Booth Dashboard, you can access recruitment tools for attracting students, connecting with agents, or promoting events. Guide your efforts with data and insights about potential applicants.

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Your Programs

Do you offer pathway, undergraduate, or graduate programs? Create individual profiles to show off each program's course offerings and requirements. Then students can find programs based on their interests and qualifications.

Recruitment Links & Contacts


Students apply directly to your institution, no commissions or fees. You can also designate agents, joint programs, or other pathways leading to your school. 


Forums & Online Community


Your e-Booth gives students, parents, and alumni a place to connect and add to your institution's reach and reputation in China. Users can pose questions, publish testimonials, and share on-the-ground experiences. 


Word-of-mouth is critical in China, and first-hand information gives students an unparalleled look at your institution.

Register your institution

Before registering, check that your institution meets the requirements to open an e-Booth on eduFair:

  1. Authorized employee - The individual opening an e-Booth must be a direct employee of the institution (agents cannot open e-Booths on behalf of institutions).

  2. Student visas - The institution must be able to sponsor and/or provide documents (eg: a study permit, acceptance letter, or Form I-20) for international students applying for student visas.

  3. Recognized qualifications (for institutions granting degrees or diplomas) - The institution must grant qualifications that are recognized by local governments, official accrediting bodies, or the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us.
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