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Chinese Academic Calendar:
2023-2024 Academic Year

Examples of academic calendars for 2023-2024 from schools and universities in China.

Zhejiang University.jpg

Zhejiang University's Zijingang campus, just down the road from eduFair's office.

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By Alicia Sigmon  |  Last updated: January 24, 2024


eduFair has collected examples of academic calendars from Chinese universities and high schools. 


Academic calendars can vary from institution to institution. Schools in China have discretion when setting their academic calendars. The biggest variance between schools usually occur around long holidays, most notably the summer break, the National Holiday in October, and Chinese New Year in the winter.


It's also important to note that calendars can vary greatly from year to year. This is because many Chinese holidays follow the lunar calendar. For example, Lunar New Year fell on January 22 in 2023 and February 10 in 2024.

Chinese University Academic Calendar (2023-2024)
Example: Beijing Normal University Fall & Winter 2023-2024

Standardized Testing
Industry & Admissons

Chinese High School Academic Calendar (2023-2024)
Example: Hangzhou International School 2023-2024





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