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We are a social media platform connecting Chinese students with institutions all over the world.
Our resources are free. We aim to give students a more empowered and holistic approach to international education.
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Give students access to better information to make better decisions.

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How does eduFair work?

Why eduFair?
Internet restrictions make it difficult for Chinese students to access information.





Share of foreign universities' websites
with blocked admissions content
Average time to load a foreign university's home page
Features & Benefits
What Makes Us Different

Recruit Chinese students via:

Unique Benefits

Use Technology to Drive Applications

Your dedicated e-Booth profile allows you to showcase your offerings - from  language programs through high school, associate, bachelor, master, Ph.D, certificate and art programs. Students are directed to your institution's application website without commissions or fees.

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Recruit qualified students in China using eduFair
Leverage word-of-mouth using eduFair

Leverage Your Reputation & Word-of-Mouth

Let your students, parents, alumni, and partners become your best promoters. This is especially important in Chinese culture, where "guanxi" or relationships are critical in the decision making process.

Cheaper than a trip to China

Reach thousands of students in China from your desktop computer. Whether you are just getting started in Chinese recruitment or have a satellite campus in Shanghai, our packages deliver cost-effective recruitment tools.

eduFair is cheaper than a trip to China
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