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Packages & Pricing for Universities

All quantities are based on annual packages.

Packages renew yearly from the date of subscription.

Interact Package

Be found & interact with qualified students

Free. Forever.

No contracts, no commissions.

Features refresh annually.

Click on features to learn more

Please note that these packages are for reference only.

Also: Unlimited Graduate Programs Until Jan. 2023



*These features are under development and will be made available soon.

Upload your information and test the Interact Package for free, forever.

Group Packages

Do you have multiple campuses, a graduate division, or a language program?

Affiliated institutions are eligible for group packages plus features to manage multiple e-Booths and employee accounts. Contact us for more information.

All packages include:

Click on features to learn more

Your institution's information hub on eduFair

Earn comments, likes, & shares on multimedia content 

Direct links to your website or recruitment partners.

Save time while responding to students' questions

Available soon

Find new agents/partners & sync info with their e-Booths

Your content appears on

China's largest search engines

Students can find your school across hundred of data points

First-hand insights about your institution & studying abroad

Available soon

Areas for current students & alumni to share & interact.

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