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The Importance of Programs

Programs come in many forms on eduFair: pathway & language, undergraduate, and graduate. Each program is like a mini-profile attached to an institution's e-Booth.

One school can display numerous programs each with their own descriptions, dates, entry requirements, and application details.

Programs - eduFair China

We know an institution's offerings can be very diverse. For example, a large university will have graduate programs across a range of fields from accounting to zoology. Even a small language school may have multiple offerings such as test preparation, intensive English, and summer camps.

Thus, we designed these programs to help schools display and promote separate offerings under one unified account.

Programs are essential for attracting qualified students

Most importantly, programs are the backbone of search on eduFair. From the student perspective, programs allow potential applicants to find your school according to their academic needs and interests.

For example, if a student wants to study a language program in the UK, our search feature asks detailed questions like:

  • What type of language program are you looking for? Language training? An undergraduate pathway? A graduate pathway?

  • What is your overall ambition when taking this course? Do you want to use this qualification to go on to study in the UK or another country?

  • What is your current English level? What are your current IELTS or TOEFL scores?

This ensures that students can find courses according to the student's ambitions and qualifications.

Manage your programs by logging into your eBM Dashboard

eduFair matches the information in your program profiles to students' searches.

To maximize the number of students visiting your school, upload a program for each distinct course. Also, try to complete as many fields as possible and keep your programs up-to-date.

You can manage all of your programs by logging in and accessing your eBM Dashboard. Depending on your institution type, you may see several types of programs features including:

  • Manage Pathway & Language Programs

  • Manage Departments and Undergraduate Programs

  • Manage Graduate Programs

eBM Dashboard - eduFair China

Upload today and receive even more programs

To encourage institutions to present as much information as possible, we are allowing institutions that sign up now to present unlimited programs through December 2022.

Visit our sign up page to find out how to create an account for your institution.

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