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Platform Update: More Institution Types, Revamped e-Booth Designs, and More

All-New e-Booth Design - eduFair China

This month, we are excited to make several big announcements:

First, eduFair's platform now features more than 500 organizations. In addition, we have released several important updates making it easier for schools to connect with Chinese students.

New Institution Types

e-Booths are now available to new types of international institutions. Universities, colleges, art schools, and high schools ​can now sign up and connect with Chinese students on eduFair.

Organizations that already have e-Booths can also connect as partners with these new institution types by adding cross links on their e-Booths.

Redesigned e-Booth

We have made it easier for students to access in-demand information and for schools to show off their strengths. All institutions now have an updated e-Booth design with interactive menus, charts, icons, and downloadable brochures.

New e-Booth features charts, icons, and an interactive layout - eduFair China

This redesigned e-Booth puts information right at students' fingertips. Important field such as location, cost, and application deadlines now appears at the top of the e-Booth making it easier for students to find the information they want. Schools' websites and email addresses also prominently appear at the top of the screen.

Manage Multiple e-Booths with One Account

Does your organization have multiple campuses or a language program? You can now manage all of your organization's e-Booths under one account.

Now, when you log into eduFair, you will see the new Admin Home. Here, you can see a list of your organization's e-Booths as well as options to add a new e-Booth. By clicking on an institution, you can quickly view the e-Booth or navigate to the e-BM Dashboard to update information. You can even duplicate an existing profile making it even faster to display your institutions on eduFair.

Admin Home allows you to manage multiple e-Booths - eduFair China

Find Partnerships Forum

In our discussions with institutions, we often hear that they want to expand their relationships with agents and schools in China. However, it can be difficult and time-consuming to connect with the right partner.

eduFair's new Find Partnerships forum makes it easier to build partnerships. You can signal your interest and outline your requirements by creating a post, or you can reply to requests from potential partners. You can also ask for advice or receive feedback from peers as you develop new relationships.

Institutions can access the Find Partnerships forum via their eBM Dashboard. The forum is for organizations only, and it can only be accessed registered organizations on eduFair's platform. Posts and content cannot be viewed by students.

Build new partnerships in our Find Partnership Forum - eduFair China

Future Updates

We are working hard to bring you more improvements to make it easier to connect with Chinese students. New features just around the corner include videos, seminars, and instant messaging.

Further, eduFair will release its APP before the end of the year making institutions available via mobile and tablet.

Most importantly, we want to thank institutions' support in helping Chinese students make better decisions. Their information is invaluable as students make decisions about their futures.

Also, some of eduFair's most popular features came directly from feedback from schools. If ever have feedback or ideas, please let us know.

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