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How Schools Can Set Up a WeChat Official Account

Connecting with students on WeChat, China’s largest social network

How to set up a WeChat Official Account for Schools - eduFair China

Recruit Chinese students using WeChat (also known as Weixin 微信), the largest social media platform in China.

For student recruitment in China, it’s essential to have a strong presence on Chinese social media. The most important social network is WeChat, the most popular mobile app in China with over 1 billion users worldwide.

However, for international institutions looking to sign up for official accounts, the process can be complicated and overwhelming. To streamline this process, eduFair has laid out the materials and steps necessary for schools to create an Official Account on WeChat.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Overseas WeChat Official Accounts

On WeChat, schools and universities can create “Official Accounts.” These are verified accounts for organizations that contain business and publishing functions.

With an official account, institutions can share articles and videos and connect directly with prospective students. Users can find school websites and apply for programs. Because it is verified, an Official Account shows parents and students that your account is legitimate and trustworthy.

Institutions outside of China will need to create Service Official Accounts which can be set up and operated abroad using foreign business credentials.

Below is a summary of the materials and costs to open your official account.


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WeChat Official Account – Application Materials

To complete your application, you will need the following materials:

  • Business license

  • Valid mobile phone number

  • Passport or driver’s license (must be the account administrator’s)

The more documents you can provide to prove your school’s legitimacy the better. If you have additional documentation such as tax forms, we recommend providing that document as well.

WeChat Official Account - Cost

The annual application fee is 300 CNY.

Steps for Schools to Register for a WeChat Official Account

Here is a step-by-step outline for schools to create their own WeChat Official Account

1. Go to the WeChat Official Accounts Platform and click ‘Register Now’ in the top right corner

Select English as your language before registering if your page is in Chinese.

2. Select “Service Account”

Schools outside of China must select the “Service Account”

3. Input basic information

Choose an email for your WeChat Official Account. This email must not be connected to another WeChat account. You will verify your email and confirm a password before beginning the next step.

4. Choose your school’s country and the account type

After selecting your country and confirming that you are creating a Service Account, click “Choose and continue.”

5. Complete the registration information

First, input your school’s name and choose an account administrator. You will need the following information:

  • School’s official name

  • Business registration number (this number can be found on a business license, tax form, etc.)

  • Administrator’s full legal name

  • Administrator’s ID or passport number

  • Administrator’s mobile phone number

After verifying the phone number with a code, click “Continue.”

6. Choose “Other organizations” as your subject type

Schools should choose “Other organizations” and then input the requested information for your school and administrator.

7. Create an account profile

You will need to create the following for your account profile:

  • Account name

  • Short introduction

After choosing your account name and writing your short introduction, click “Continue.”

8. Click “Enable” to verify your account

If you do not verify your account within 30 days, the account will be canceled. Verified accounts have the following features:

  • Most WeChat functions are only enabled for verified accounts.

  • The account and content appear as a verified account to WeChat users.

9. Download the “Application / Verification Letter”

A box listing the required materials will appear. Then, you can download the “Application / Verification Letter.” To ensure there are no issues with your verification, it is recommended to download and complete both the English and Chinese versions.

10. Review and fill in the official “Application / Verification Letter”

This document must be signed (and stamped if possible) before submitting. When filling out this document, please consider the following:

  • All names must be written exactly as they appear on your school’s official documents and your administrator’s passport. Differences in dots, commas, hyphens, and capitalizations can cause delays in your verification.

  • The official, legal representative of your school and the contact person for the account must both sign the document.

  • If you have a school stamp, stamp the document.

11. Input school details and the contact information for verification. Then, upload the requested documents.

You will need detailed information about:

  • The business

  • The contact information to complete the verification process. This does not have to be the same person as the administrator from Step 5.

For this step, upload as many documents as possible as proof of your school’s status. You will need to upload the following documents:

  • Business license

  • Official application/verification letter

  • Contact’s mobile phone statement/bill

  • Copies of an ID, Passport, or driver’s license

When uploading the above documents, please consider these important notes:

  • If your documents are not in English, you might have to get an official translation or notarization.

  • Mobile phone statements or bills must include the contact’s name, the mobile phone number, and at least a 3-month payment history.

  • For the ‘Contact Person ID Card’ (front & back), you can upload the same passport copy twice instead of uploading the pages separately.

12. Fill in your account name again

If your account name is trademarked, select “named after trademark.” Otherwise, choose “custom name” and continue.

13. Select to receive your electronic invoice

Select “E-invoice” to receive an invoice within 10 business days. If you do not require an invoice, select “No invoice.”

14. Pay the 300CNY verification fee

You can either use WeChat Pay or a credit card to pay the 300CNY fee.

15. Wait for the WeChat team’s review

The WeChat team will review your application and call you during China’s working hours. They will confirm your information over the phone.

Once your account is confirmed, you will have access to all WeChat functions and can begin your WeChat recruitment!

Next Steps

You’ve officially applied for your WeChat Official Account! You can now start sharing articles, advertisements, and more.

Another great platform to reach potential students is Weibo, the most popular micro-blogging site in China. For information on how to sign up for Weibo, see our piece How Schools Can Set Up a Verified Weibo Account.




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Our platform features more than 1,200 organizations and reaches millions of students across China.

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