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Dozens of tools to drive applications and create a lasting presence in China

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eduFair offers countless resources for institutions and students.


Institutions can manage an e-Booth - a customizable mini-website that is completely accessible in China - for free, forever.


Explore eduFair's features below. You can click on individual features for more information about their use and benefits.

Click 'play' above for a quick video tour of eduFair.

Interact with students

Your institution's personalized information hub

New admission contact? Extended deadline? Keep followers up-to-date

Available soon

Interact with students via China's most popular social media format

Gain comments, likes, & shares across immersive multimedia content 

Save time while directly responding to students' frequently asked questions

Find new partners or sync information with recruitment agents & partner schools.

Attract applicants

Create searchable profiles for master & doctoral programs

Help students learn about academic skills, visa procedures, & foreign culture

Direct links to your application page or your recruitment partners

Invite students to experience your classroom virtually

Upload inspirational and informative videos to educate users across China

Connect your online and offline recruiting efforts

Available soon

Boost recruitment

Grow your followers through targeted multimedia content

Reach new students via targeted inbox messages (web + mobile)

Measure your impact while gaining key marketing insights

Host a month-long education fair from your desktop

Publish national or provincial announcements and events

Our report using Big Data to uncover trends in student recruitment

Expand your reach to parents, relatives, and aspiring students

Automatic optimization of your e-Booth on China's largest search engines

Available soon

Available soon

Available soon

Available soon

Available soon

Features for students

Students can match their scores and interests to their next dream school

Students can read and post about every imaginable topic about studying abroad

Areas for current students and alumni to connect abroad and find new opportunities

Students can stay on-track with reminders and synced calendars

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