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AP: Director of International Engagement Derrik Karst quoted by Associated Press about changes in China's international education industry due to coronavirus

March 05, 2020

The Associated Press's Michael Melia reports on Chinese students' response as travel and study opportunities are impacted by COVID-19. eduFair's Director of International Engagement Derrik Karst reports that universities in the UK, US, and Canada have added flexibility to their application processes as students struggle to gather application materials under lockdown.

eduFair's Derrik Karst speaks in Times Higher Education about Chinese students' changing attitudes toward studying in the US

October 11, 2018

Times Higher Education's Ellie Bothwell reports that Chinese students are increasingly concerned about studying in America. Among other education experts, eduFair's Director of International Engagement Derrik Karst reports that, in the short term, Chinese students are ready to follow through with their plans to study in the US. However, in the long term, tightening visa policies, political rhetoric, and the rise of non-US universities may turn students away from enrolling at American institutions.

Q&A from Nanjing Marketing Group features eduFair's Director of International Engagement Derrik Karst

February 22, 2018

Tait Lawton, Co-founder and Client Services Manager of Nanjing Marketing Group, recently published an article outlining common problems in Chinese student recruitment. The article features insights from industry experts including eduFair's Derrik Karst.

Featured on Inside Higher Education: "Recruitment and the Great Firewall of China"

March 16, 2017

More than seven out of 10 universities have admission content that is inaccessible in China. eduFair's Derrik L Karst describes implications and solutions.

Featured on The PIE News: "Marketing Mistakes Education Institutions Make in China (and How to Avoid Them)"

December 08, 2016

Jon Kalies, eduFair China's Head of CRM, describes common errors he has witnessed during his years managing, marketing, and teaching in China. Dead webpages, half-way translations - are you making any of these mistakes?

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