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Primary & Secondary Schools

Be found by Chinese students looking to go abroad.
Cultivate the word of mouth needed to make a lasting impression in China.
Join eduFair China today.

Chinese students make up 42% of all international students enrolled in US primary & secondary schools.

Dedicated High

School Search

Be found by Chinese students based on your core offerings and students preferences.

Show off your Facilities and Clubs

Demonstrate your extra curriculars and facilities to give students a taste of life there.

Find New Partnerships in China

Find local partners online (eg. agents or international high schools) on eduFair. 

Manage Future and Current Parents

Create groups, have discussions in forums and give feedback to key promoters- parents.

Features For Primary & Secondary Schools

Your e-Booth

Designed specifically for primary & secondary schools recruiting Chinese students


The same controls as your own website- but more simple and located within a community of international students.

Student Feedback

Real student feedback and word of mouth for potential students to know the real you.

Full Control

Total control of your content.

Your e-Booth links to your website and email, and students apply directly to your institution.

Stand Out

Use photo, video, and VR (coming soon) to show students where and what they might be studying.

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Pathway &



Crosslinks to



Student Satisfaction


Word of Mouth


Recruit through Partners

Direct Recruitment



Manage Partnerships

Find new Partners




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Register your institution
Thank you for supporting Chinese students

Before registering, check that your institution meets the requirements to open an e-Booth on eduFair:

  1. Authorized employee - The individual opening an e-Booth must be a direct employee of the institution (agents cannot open e-Booths on behalf of institutions).

  2. Student visas - The institution must be able to sponsor and/or provide documents (for example: a study permit or acceptance letter) for international students applying for student visas so that a student can legally enter a country and remain in-country for the purpose of studying.

  3. Recognized qualifications (for institutions granting degrees or diplomas) - The institution must grant qualifications that are recognized by local governments, official accrediting bodies, or the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us.
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