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The Five Most Common Questions About eduFair from the China Education Expo

eduFair at the China Education Expo 2018 in Shanghai

At the end of October, eduFair attended the China Education Expo in Shanghai. We enjoyed meeting lots of students and institutions. Below is a quick roundup of the top-5 questions schools asked us about eduFair.

1. What does eduFair mean by “platform?”

eduFair seeks to be a destination for students and organizations to get to know each other. As part of this, we want international institutions to come online and provide first-hand information so that students can make informed choices. We aim to be unbiased and do not get involved in the application procedure.

2. How is it free?

A big part of providing first-hand information and remaining unbiased means that we must keep the platform open to as many institutions as possible. Our hope is that institutions have an amazing experience, and if they would like to increase their marketing efforts, they can opt to use some of our paid features. However, this is purely optional. It will always be free for students and schools to join and interact on eduFair.

We also generate revenue by displaying some sponsored content from unbiased advertisers outside of the education industry - such as financial organizations or job websites - in order to keep our platform free for students and schools.

3. Who can join?

eduFair seeks to include many different perspectives and resources involved in international education. We are open to all prospective applicants, students, parents, and alumni. We also offer e-Booth profiles to international institutions (universities, colleges, art schools, high schools, school districts, language schools) and Chinese organizations (universities, high schools, trainings schools, and recruitment agencies).

4. We already have things like WeChat, Weibo, agents, and marketing consultants, why should we try eduFair?

All of these methods are important channels for reaching students! eduFair aims to make your current recruitment methods easier and more effective.

Existing online options can be difficult for reaching students. eduFair is completely accessible in China, unlike platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Further, Chinese platforms like WeChat and Weibo are not geared to offer information about studying abroad. eduFair allows institutions to offer education-specific information like testing requirements, application deadlines, and visa information. Further, we do not require that institutions have a Chinese ID to register.

Websites created by agents are generally based on a commission-model and require students to pay fees to apply to schools on their site. In contrast, eduFair does not take commissions from students nor schools. However, if an institution has recruitment agents or partnerships, we encourage the institution to show these relationships on their e-Booth. This way, more students able to find the institution and choose the best method for applying.

5. When will you launch?

We are looking to launch early-2019. We encourage institutions to register their interest today so that their information will be online once students begin using the platform.

Thanks for reading. If you have additional questions, please take a look at our FAQs or contact us directly. We’d like to thank everyone for their feedback - it is genuinely appreciated. We look forward to helping students and international institutions make better decisions!



eduFair China is a free online platform dedicated to international education and recruitment. Its platform connects millions of Chinese students with first-hand information while helping institutions recruit qualified students digitally. eduFair aims to give students a more empowered, holistic approach to international education so that they can succeed during their journey abroad.

Learn more about how eduFair can help you reach students across China.

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