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Unlocking Global Opportunities: Benefits for Chinese Students Studying in Europe and Asia

Historically, the United States was the top study-abroad destination for Chinese students, but not anymore. By 2019, the UK was the most popular destination, and the US fell to second in popularity. Even though the UK and the US are still the most popular study locations for Chinese students, overall interest in English-speaking countries is decreasing while interest in Asian and European countries is increasing. With more Chinese students interested in going to Asia and Europe, there are plenty of opportunities for Asian and European schools to attract Chinese students.


Streets of Montmartre, Paris
Countries like France, Germany, and Japan are rising in popularity for Chinese students | Photo by John Towner on Unsplash


5 Benefits for Chinese Students Studying in Asia and Europe

When Chinese students are choosing their study abroad destination, Asian and European countries have a lot to offer, and more Chinese students are ready to take advantage of those opportunities. These five factors are contributing to Chinese students’ desire to go to Asia and Europe:


1. Cultural Exposure

Authentic cultural immersion continues to be a focal point for Chinese students pursuing education abroad. According to The PIE News and a report by the British Council, Chinese students who are interested in cultures outside of China are three times more likely to consider studying abroad than students who are less interested in culture. Not only does culture impact students’ desire to go abroad, but it is crucial in deciding their top choice country. Each country and region has its own unique cultures, traditions, and foods, and Chinese students are eager to experience Asian and European cultures while studying abroad. Sharing unique aspects about the country, region, and school is a great way to attract Chinese students to your institution.


2. Language Proficiency

Chinese students who choose to study abroad in Europe or Asia are likely learning multiple languages: English and the language of their chosen country. Multilingualism opens up many opportunities for Chinese students. They stand out in the job market, learn how to overcome challenges, and develop strong communication skills. Learning additional languages in an immersive environment also boosts cultural understanding and access to information.


3. Personal Connections

Guanxi, meaning relationships or connections, is fundamental in Chinese culture, so Chinese students are looking to build lasting relationships throughout their education. Studying in Asia or Europe allows them to connect with people around the world, but especially in their host country. When students feel a sense of connection with a school, whether through student testimonials or an existing relationship, they are more likely to want to go to that school.

4. Safety

One of the reasons the US has decreased in popularity is safety. With gun violence and hate crimes against Asians throughout the US, Chinese students feel safer in European and Asian countries. Still, moving abroad can be a scary, isolating experience, so letting prospective Chinese students know about campus safety can help them feel more comfortable in their move.



5. Academic Excellence

Chinese students want to go to the best schools and receive a high-quality education, and they have many choices across Europe and Asia. Chinese students typically first look at rankings to decide school quality, but rankings are only one measurement of quality. What percentage of students take on a paid internship during school? What is the post-graduation employment rate? What are the professor’s teaching styles? Answering these questions will increase Chinese students’ confidence in your school.  

Additionally, Chinese students will get to experience a different education system. In China, students are taught to memorize and choose the correct answer. Many European countries encourage creativity and critical thinking. Experiencing a different education system allows Chinese students to expand their skills and perspectives.

Two people with parasols walking down a shopping street in Kyoto, Japan
Chinese students studying in Japan get to experience rich culture while achieving their academic goals. | Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

Tailoring Asian and European Recruitment Efforts for Chinese Students

Considering the above motives for Chinese students, we’ve compiled four tips for reaching the Chinese students that are the best fit for your institution:


  1. Promote pathway and language programs: Chinese students don’t always know about the benefits of language programs, but these programs can change the trajectory of their education, increasing confidence, social engagement, and learning outcomes. For tips on how to promote these programs to Chinese students and how to get the most out of eduFair’s pathway and language program features, check out our article Pathway & Language Programs: A Foundation for Success.

  2. Showcase relevant programs and support for Chinese students: Moving to a different country, Chinese students will have previous conceptions about universities abroad based on media and their Chinese education, so many of the resources that may seem obvious to local students can be a surprise to Chinese students. To stand out from other universities or schools, let students know about services like tutoring, mental health services, and local Chinese communities. For more details, check out our full list of suggested campus resources and tips for supporting Chinese students’ mental health.

  3. Build partnerships with institutions in China: If you’ve completed your eduFair e-booth and are looking for more ways to build connections with China, there are many reputable marketing agencies, recruitment fairs, and agents that can help you expand your Chinese recruitment. Check out our Guide to Chinese Student Recruitment Tools & Services for a full list of recruitment resources!

  4. Share success stories and testimonials: Chinese students want to hear from their peers when deciding their top choice school. Content shared directly from alumni and current students is the best way to help Chinese students feel connected to your school. Let students share their real experiences on your eduFair e-booth so that Chinese students feel more connected to your school.



eduFair China is a free website and app connecting Chinese students with international institutions and first-hand resources about studying abroad. We aim to give students a more empowered approach to international education so that they can succeed during their journey abroad.

Our platform features more than 1,200 organizations and reaches millions of students across China.

Click here to learn more about getting your institution online and how eduFair can help you reach students in China.



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