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You Spoke, We Listened: Updated Features Released This Week

This week, we are proud to celebrate a milestone: 300 organizations online in the first 30 days. Thank you to all the institutions, organizations, and agencies that have shared their information with Chinese students.

Also this week, we are releasing several updates based on the feedback we’ve received from early users.

Here's a quick look at the improvements you'll find:

1) Improved profile updates

It’s now easier for you to keep students up-to-date and show off your school’s strong points. When you edit your profile, you will find clearer menus and and faster upload speeds.

Early users also reported several errors when entering information. We have made the warnings more user-friendly with more tooltips and clearer instructions.

All in all, these changes will make it easier for you to enter the right information in the correct fields.

Profile update - eduFair China

We know the profiles can be a little in-depth, so take your time. The fields contain the most important information to Chinese students. Most of all, complete profile information helps you to be found on eduFair's platform and Chinese search engines.

2) Redesigned e-BM Dashboard

e-BM stands for e-Booth Management. This dashboard is where schools can control all of their content, programs, and announcements on the platform.

We provide this dashboard so that users don’t need special Mandarin skills to navigate the front-end of our website.

Here are some of the changes you will find:

  • A progress bar to help guide you as you set up your e-Booth and maximize your exposure to students.

  • A snappier interface with clearer icons and menus

  • Easy-to-read summaries of your account details and features

eBM Dashboard - eduFair China

3) Better program management

When editing your program information (pathway/language, undergraduate, and graduate), you will find user-friendly menus to help you organize and update your programs. These improved menus included search and sort features as well as summaries of your programs’ statuses

Remember that programs are critical for attracting students on eduFair. They are the backbone of search and enable students to find your school according to their needs and interests.

Programs - eduFair China

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