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Pathway & Language Programs: A Foundation for Success

To succeed in their education and careers, students need to begin with a strong foundation. For language learners, pathway and language programs (also called bridge or foundation programs) help build a solid foundation to get into their dream school and prepare for their degree coursework.

Because of the range of offerings, many Chinese students and parents are unfamiliar with the different types of programs and their benefits. eduFair helps applicants understand the benefits of pathway and language programs. eduFair also helps institutions connect with qualified students and easily reach applicants looking for the perfect program to continue their international education.

ABC School of English's e-booth at eduFair
On your e-booth, potential students can connect with students and alumni through photos, videos, and FAQs, and they can even apply directly to your programs.


  1. Recruitment tips for Chinese parents and students

  2. How eduFair supports Chinese students and parents

  3. How eduFair supports pathway and language program providers

Recruitment Tips for Chinese Parents and Students

When preparing to study abroad, Chinese parents and students want to get into the best schools, and for them, that typically means the highest-ranked schools. However, many students will not have strong enough TOEFL or IELTS scores for their intended institution or degree coursework.

Research by international education researcher Debbie Carlos Howarth revealed both social and academic benefits for Chinese students who participate in pathway programs. Take-aways from her findings can help admissions staff better communicate their pathway and language programs’ value to Chinese students and parents.

  1. Chinese students who have gone through ESL pathway programs are more socially engaged in their school and adapt better to their host country’s culture. We know that these programs have many benefits for students, but here are a few extra benefits to share with parents and students:

    1. Class sizes: Pathway and language programs typically have smaller class sizes, which means more direct instruction from professors and more confidence for students to socially develop their language outside of the classroom. Telling parents and students about average class sizes and how class size benefits students in the program is a great way to showcase your program.

    2. Extra-curricular and academic support: Parents and students want to know about additional social and academic services that they will receive as pathway and language program students. Share information about orientations, clubs, advisors, and tutoring services that are specific to the program’s students to make your program stand out.

    3. Student satisfaction: Students especially want to know students’ thoughts on your program. Sharing survey results, direct quotes, and students-made content will provide further evidence about how your program has benefited students both socially and academically, and help students build a connection with your school.

  2. Target language proficiency and social engagement positively affect degree completion. Attending language programs positively affects students from the beginning of their education through graduation. By increasing their language skills, academic skills, and school engagement, students are more likely to persist and complete their educational program.

    1. Graduation rates: Parents want to know what percentage of your pathway and language program students graduate, and how those statistics compare to their non-pathway program counterparts.

    2. Students’ education paths: Students are in pathway and language programs to prepare them for their desired degree or institution. Admissions representatives can share with parents which schools students attend and how many students move to different schools after completing their pathway and language programs.

Three people walking through a field of tulips
International students hanging out and enjoying nature | Unsplash

eduFair Features for Chinese Students and Parents

eduFair provides students with information so that they can make the best decision to reach their goals. eduFair provides the following features to help students and families understand and find the perfect pathway and language program to suit individual students’ needs:

  1. Students have direct access to admissions information and student resources. On partner institutions’ e-booths, prospective students can find admissions requirements and deadlines and then apply directly without an intermediary.

  2. Students have access to individual program details. For each program, students can find all necessary information, including cost, deadlines, necessary qualifications, etc. This unique eduFair feature ensures students have all the information they need to apply.

  3. eduFair includes pathway and language programs in student searches. eduFair includes educational institutions that have pathway and language programs in students’ searches. With eduFair, students won’t disqualify themselves before applying.

The American Academy of English (AAE) e-booth on eduFair , showing three pathway or language programs that students can click

The American Academy of English (AAE) e-booth on eduFair includes information about three pathway and language programs. Students can click each program for specific details.

eduFair Features for Pathway & Language Schools

With over 1,200 organizations online, eduFair makes it easy for students to find out about and apply for pathway and language programs.

eduFair offers institutions (including universities, colleges, and secondary schools dozens of tools to reach applicants looking for pathway and language programs. Here are some of the features on eduFair that help schools promote their pathway and language programs:

  1. Pathway and language programs that would qualify students for their desired school or degree appear in eduFair results. eduFair makes it easy for students to find admission and progression routes, such as pathway and language programs.

  2. Students can choose to search for pathway and language programs. eduFair knows how important these programs are for students, so not only do they appear in general searches, but students can choose to search specifically for pathway and language programs.

  3. Schools can upload individual profiles for each pathway and language program. Because programs have different costs, start dates, entry requirements, etc., students need to be able to access each program individually. On most sites, however, schools can only upload information about one program. eduFair makes uploading program details simple to ensure accessibility and smooth communication.

Six sections that students can click on eduFair to find their program. The bottom right corner is for pathway and language programs.
As seen in the bottom right corner of this screenshot, students can select 语音与预科 (yǔyán yǔ yùkē | language and preparatory courses) on the student app to search for pathway and language programs.


Chinese students want to get into the best schools abroad, and to do so, many need pathway and language programs. Many Chinese students and parents, however, struggle to navigate the many varieties of programs. eduFair helps students and their parents learn about these opportunities by including pathway and language programs in student searches and encouraging institutions to include information about multiple programs. Understanding the benefits of pathway and language programs, eduFair ensures that Chinese students have all the information and options they need to build a solid foundation for their international education.




eduFair China is a free website and app connecting Chinese students with international institutions and first-hand resources about studying abroad. We aim to give students a more empowered approach to international education so that they can succeed during their journey abroad.

Our platform features more than 1,200 organizations and reaches millions of students across China.

Click here to learn more about getting your institution online and how eduFair can help you reach students in China.



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